Prevention - catching an illness before it manifests

Medicine has become reactive rather than proactive. Get sick, seek medical help. NO!! It is better to prevent disease rather than to try to find cures for diseases after they occur. This is also why we try to vaccinate against as many diseases as possible. So VACCINATION according to your age from childhood onwards needs to be taken.

Poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, overuse of alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity and inadequate relief of chronic stress are key contributors in the development and progression of preventable chronic diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and several types of cancer.

Preventing these is what we are committed to. Awareness of lifestyle, food, drink, stress management and physical exercise is the first step. Our team can help you with this.

Screenings often show factors which will indicate the possibility and even in several cases, the probability that disease of a certain nature will manifest. It is the act of seeing the signs on a screening before the manifestation of an illness, that the power to take control of your health comes back into your hands. These screening tests become a very empowering tool, especially in the 30’s and 40’s as diseases start manifesting.

“My vision is to spread awareness; to support and serve everyone in recognising that health is their most valuable asset.”

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